Saturday, October 6, 2007

Searching for...

The Eric Carle Picture Writer VHS...
It's referred to in "About the Authors" and sounds like a great resource/activity.
The Eric Carle Museum lists it as out of stock and Amazon has it going for $93.54+ !!!!
Does anyone have it or know if we have a copy somewhere in the district?


Gail Ryan said...

When you asked for the video, I headed downstairs to my basement, loaded with all my old teaching resources. No Eric Carle video (but I do have a great Mem Fox video if you'd like to borrow it sometime!), but I remembered a website I visited last year that could be helpful. Go to: and get yourself a trial membership (it lasts for about a month, I think). You'll find the video clip that you were looking for on that site. This site a wealth of information about books and authors. Our librarians had considered a license, but then opted to try something else. I'm not sure what an individual license would cost, but you can at least explore for free! Enjoy!

Rebekah (smiling@EMC) said...

Thank you for the tips. I'll check out the resources you mentioned. That website sounds great. :)
Plus, I was able to find the video in my own building! It never hurts to ask around. I'll be partnering with another first grade to watch the video next week.
Thinking aloud, if we can get the clip through the website, then we'd be able to use a projector to show it on the larger screen rather than just the t.v. Off to check it out!
Thanks again.